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Brand : HI-LIFT

Type : Hi-Lift Jack

Hi-Lift Slide-N-Lock: Tie Down System


Hi-Lift Slide-N-Lock: Tie Down System

The Only Thing You Can't Tie Down is Your Imagination.

The Slide-N-Lock Tie-Down System is the ultimate way to secure any type of payload.

Use Slide-N-Lock load restraint for Trucks, Trailers, Jeeps, SUV's, and more! Slide-N-Lock increases tie-down versatility with easy-to-use, moveable locking points. The rust-free design ensures an attractive appearance in any vehicle.

This versatile tie-down system is incredibly simple and effective. With self-locating holes placed every 5 inches, you can position the tie points where you need them in seconds. Simply pulling the spring-loaded locking pin allows you to slide the tie point smoothly and easily to the specific locating hole you want.

The rugged strength of Slide-N-Lock assures you of a tie-down system capable of securing extremely heavy loads. Slide-N-Lock installs in minutes using 1/4" diameter bolts spread approximately every 10 inches in pre-drilled holes.

Slide-N-Lock Features

Each set includes:

Slide-n-lock: 2 Anodized Aluminum Rails

2 Anodized Aluminum Rails, 4 Stainless-Steel Locking Slides*, and Mounting Hardware.

*22" Slide-N-Lock sets have 2 Stainless-Steel Locking Slides.

Available in 22", 68", & 93" lengths to fit any situation!

Available in black or silver finish.

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the Slide-n-Lock in action!


Transport large items securely
Slide-N-Lock: Transport large items securely

Rugged dependability
Slide-N-Lock: Rugged dependability

Use on your trailer
Slide-N-Lock: Use on your trailer

Stainless-Steel Locking Slides
Slide-n-lock: Stainless-Steel Locking Slides




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